Products We Carry

At Local Joint, we meticulously curate our menu to ensure we carry only the most premium products.

Timeless Vapes

Timeless Vapes mission is to provide the cleanest and most effective cannabis medicine while striving to set the standard of excellence in an ever-growing industry. With a proprietary blend that features a solvent-free THC distillate, Timeless Vapes has crafted a consistently, high quality product with extraordinary flavor profiles.

Sublime Edibles

With just one hit, bite or application, you will taste and feel the difference in Sublime Edibles quality. Sublime is passionate about living clean, healthy lives maintained with superior natural, time tested, herbal medicine. They promise to stay true to roots and offer patients only the highest quality marijuana products.


Dedicated to offering an unwaveringly consistent product with truly unrivaled potency at a compassionate price. They start with only top quality cannabis trim and flowers and fresh ingredients all prepared in a health department certified, industrial kitchen, by knowledgeable kitchen staff with a certified food manager on site.


Infusion Edibles were one of the first medical marijuana kitchens in Arizona. They have a large variety of sweet and savory treats made with only the highest quality ingredients. Infusion offers brownies, cookies, gummies, sodas, crackers, and more. Infusion products have unparalleled great taste, and will have you questioning if there is even cannabis within them.


Canamo is a premium concentrate company in Arizona offering a multitude of concentrate products including shatter, rosin, crumble, sugar wax, and budder. Not only are their products potent, terpy, and smooth, but they have a never ending variety of strains! Canamo gets their name as a tribute to Mexican culture, it is a twist on the spanish word for hemp, cáñamo.

Select CBD

Select CBD is a CBD brand that uses just three ingredients: Organic CBD oil, essential oil, and fractionated coconut oil. The essential oil makes for delicious flavors such as lavender, cinnamon, peppermint, lemon ginger, and grapefruit, that pair well with CBD’s endless beneficial effects. They have vape pens, capsules, and tinctures, including a tincture for pets!

Nature's Medicines

Nature's Medicines creates truly award-winning cannabis products. Their growers are as environmentally conscious as possible, using a drain to waste system and only 100% organic pesticides and fungicides. Their house concentrates are top of the line and have created game-changing products such as sauce, THC-A, live resin, and their uterpia syringe; a blend of live resin and double distilled cannabis oil.

Uncle Herbs

Uncle Herbs Health Center is a dispensary in Payson, Arizona whose brand makes delicious edibles of exciting varieties such as gummies, dried fruit, candies, capsules, and peanut butter! Uncle Herbs products are high quality and crafted with care and concern for patients first and foremost, as evident.


Pure Edibles defines their brand in four words: “consistent, potent, taste and value.” All of their products are tested to ensure precise dosing. They pride themselves on being as affordable as possible without sacrificing quality for patients. They are 25%-40% more affordable than the majority of other brands in Arizona!

Sunday Goods

Sunday Goods is a brand that produces flower, concentrates, topicals, and edibles. They are one of the largest grows in the country, boasting a 320,000 square foot facility. Sunday Goods doesn’t use lamps for their plants, they emphasize the importance of all natural bud that is sunshine grown and pesticide free.

Grow Sciences

New to the Arizona Cannabis industry, Grow Sciences is a brand that produces exotic, high- quality cannabis flower and extracts. They produce flavorful, potent, aromatic buds that have vibrant colors and look coated in sugar from the amount of frosty, trichcomes.